A Design Business Inspired and Giving Back to Nature with Susy Paisley | Ep. #2

In episode #2, Yvonne and Shamash talk to Susy Paisley about applying a love for nature conservation into selling nature-inspired designs, and the joys and difficulties of the journey.

Susy is a conservation biologist and founder of Newton Paisley. Newton Paisley creates beautiful and unique fabrics and wallpapers, all designed and hand-drawn by Susy. Each design tells stories of neglected and endangered species, and, even better, contributes towards the preservation of critical wild habitat. For every every metre of fabric sold, 100m2 of wild habitat is preserved through our collaboration with World Land Trust.

- Susy story of spending time completely alone in nature, with no outside contact
- Her initial challenges of selling her nature inspired work and her eventual joy of selling and sharing her work with others
- How she finds her Zen in business

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