Set Free: The Journey from Banker to Buddhist Nun with Emma Slade | Ep. 4

In episode #4, Yvonne and Shamash talk to Emma Slade about how she went from being a high-powered banker travelling the world, to a Buddhist Nun and founder of a charity working in Asia.

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Emma Slade had an international career as a highly successful CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst). She was known for her dynamism, intelligence and analytical skills. But a deep seated desire to enquire into the deeper aspects of what it is to be a human being was brought to the surface following a life-changing visit to Jakarta, Indonesia.

This led her on a journey from banking to Buddhism, which eventually led her to taking ordination as a Buddhist nun and founding the charity Opening Your Heart To Bhutan. Her well-honed financial and management skills are now benefiting the charity which changes the lives of hundreds of disabled children in the small Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan.

Her first book, Set Free, detailing her inspirational story, was published in April 2017. All proceeds from the book go to the charity she founded: Opening Your Heart to Bhutan. The book can be ordered on Amazon.

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