We offer the following workshops, either in-house or in a venue of your choice.

The length of our workshop can be between 1 hour lunchtime talk to a full day and more.

Introducing Zen and the Art of Business

In this workshop, you'll find out:

  • The principles of Zen and Business
  • You'll discover some simple tools to manage yourself
  • You'll find out some key questions to help reflect on where you are with your business and where you want to go

Zen and the Art of Wellbeing in Business

In this workshop, you'll:

  • Discover the science of happiness and wellbeing and its effect on the brain
  • Experience and learn some short mindful exercises to increase your awareness, to help manage your stress
  • Find out how to organise your business so you are running your business, and your business is not running you.

Zen and the Art of Running a Successful Business

In this workshop you'll find out:

  • The balance between looking after yourself and being successful
  • How to manage your mental state in challenging business situations
  • How to be an effective leader and team player

Zen and the Art of Leadership

In this workshop you'll find out:

  • The importance of leadership upon the culture of your organisation
  • The skills and attributes needed to be an effective leader without causing stress and burnout
  • How to manage complex situations in challenging times

Zen and the Art of Cultural Transformation

In this series of workshops you'll:

  • Discover how 'culture eats strategy for breakfast'.
  • What your current culture is like
  • How to design the right culture for your strategy
  • Discover how to create and support great teams
  • How to work from your values
  • Be trained in the skills of resilience and wellbeing based on scientific research
  • Learn mindful communication skills